‘Citizens should be made aware of their rights and duties’

Kathmandu, April 2

Nepal must ensure that its citizens work towards development of the country as a part of their fundamental duties, WS Perera, Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Nepal, said at an event here today.

“Right to liberty, freedom of speech, right to food, work, education, health etc are basic rights, but the country must also ensure that such rights are balanced with fundamental duties,” she said at an interaction organised by Human Right Responsibility Nepal.

Speaking at the same event, Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, former ambassador of Nepal to France, said Nepal had been unable to provide information on its boundary to all its citizens. “The government has failed to inform its citizens about border issues. People living along the India-Nepal border are not involved in the survey and re-measurement,” Shrestha said.

According to a survey, there are 8,553 border pillars marked on the international map but in reality 1,325 border pillars are missing due to different reasons, claimed Shrestha.

Among the 8,553 border pillars, only 4,360 pillars are present and the rest are under reconstruction.  “Our government has been doing injustice to its citizens by not involving them and that  is a violation of human rights,  said Shrestha, explaining his point on  the government’s role in informing its citizens.

“Though the constitution has provided certain fundamental rights, it has failed to implement such rights. Due to the lack of implementation, people are not able to exercise even the rights they have been granted,” Anita Jodhari, advocate, said.