Citizenship certificate issuance speeds up

Bhaktapur, November 7:

The computerised citizenship service introduced in the Central District Office, Bhaktapur, since the beginning of 2005 has not only made records of data systematic but also speeded up citizenship certificate distribution process and made it flawless.

Deepak Neupane, an official at the Central District Office, said citizenship certificates are prepared and distributed to the people in a couple of hours no matter how many people apply in a day. He said the work has become faster because of the computerised system.

“The computerised system has made data keeping systematic,” Neupane said.

However, there is still a need to manage old database. For documents older than 40 years it is necessary that these data be kept in digital format so they can be referred if needed in future, Neupane said.

People coming to the headquarters from villages are happy to get their works done on time.

Aita Tamang, who came from Nagarkot for getting his son’s citizenship certificate, was happy to find that it would not take more than a couple of hours.