Civic body blamed for drainage woes

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has constructed about six kilometres of drainage this year.

Last fiscal, it had constructed 12 km. According to the KMC, Rs 7.5 million was allocated for sewerage and drainage management programmes this fiscal. “The remaining projects will pass on to the upcoming fiscal,” said Roshan Man Shakya, chief, Drainage Section, KMC.

KMC carries out drainage projects involving the local people. “We provide them with pipe and concrete slabs.

The locals dig and fill up the ditches and pay for the bricks and sand required for the projects,” said Er Narayan Babu Bhattarai.

The KMC spends 60 per cent of the total cost whereas the locals contribute 40 per cent of it. Apart from minor maintenance works, the KMC carried out two main projects at Tekusi and Kantimarg.

“The projects will not be completed this year,” said Shakya. “Locals often fail to manage the part of their contribution on time.”

He said constructing drainages was on high demand while maintaining and clearing jammed sewerage pipes was

another urgent task.

Constructing rainages, however, is not the priority area of KMC since Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited bears the responsibility of handling the task, said Bhattarai.

“The KUKL collects tax on drainage and drinking water so it is the body responsible for carrying out the projects,” he added.

Er Indraman Singh Suwal, board member, KUKL, admitted that there was a confusion in the responsibility of the two entities.