Civil servants barred from obtaining PR in foreign countries


Civil servants have been barred from obtaining Permanent Residency in foreign countries and submitting applications for the same.

The Legislature-Parliament on Friday had endorsed the bill on Civil Service Act (fourth amendment), which has made specific provisions that ‘no service employees shall be permitted to obtain Diversity Visa, Permanent Resident(PR) or ‘Green Card’. The bill has been sent to the President for authentication.

The bill has specified that no civil service employees shall be permitted to obtain ‘Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV)’, ‘Permanent Resident Visa (PR)’ or ‘Green Card’.

The bill has also made an arrangement for a committee headed by Chief Secretary to judiciously allot opportunities on studies, trainings or visits received to the National Planning Commission and other government agencies.

Employees with PR before the commencement of the new bill or applying for the same should submit all details after making self-declaration within 30 days of the enactment of the bill.

No action however will be taken against the PR holders and applicant employees if s/he admitted the truth and submitted an application to the Nepal government with evidence, approaching concerned countries in writing for quitting PR within 60 days after the enactment of the bill. Failure to do so will result in suspension from service, according to the bill.