Civil society to protest govt ‘apathy’

Kathmandu, July 14:

Citizens’ Movement for Democracy and Peace (CMDP), an alliance of dozens of civil society bodies, today announced that it is going to launch protests against the government for not paying due attention to the peoples’ expectations.

“We have decided to protest against the status quoism of the political parties and indifference to possible attacks to the achievement of the Jana Andolan II from the regressive forces,” said Dr Devendra Raj Panday, coordinator of CMDP, talking to The Himalayan Times today.

He said the CMDP has already started discussing and lobbying for the need of playing a role of an opposition when all parties have failed to meet the need of the time.

The CMDP has decided to hold a sit-in at Ratna Park on Wednesday to protest against the political parties and their engagement in minor issues by forgetting the major ones.

The CMDP, after a two-day-long meeting with representatives from several sectors of the society, today issued a press statement expressing its commitment to continue safeguarding the democratic changes Nepal has recently witnessed and to protest against any factor that might hamper the peace process.

The meeting has demanded sincere implementation of the eight-point agreement, driving the peace process to its purposeful conclusion, announcment of date for the election to a constituent assembly, dissolution of the House of Representatives, respecting the ceasefire code of conduct in letter and spirit and punishment to the high-level army officers responsible for human rights abuses during the peaceful Jana Andolan II.

“We also continue our demand for a democratic republic,” Dr Panday said.

The CPN-Maoists, too, have not fulfilled their obligations in the 12-point understanding and the ceasefire code of conduct, the press statement said, adding: “It is imperative for both the Maoists and the government to abide by the commitment they have made to the people in these understandings so that peace talks can proceed and conclude with the expected results.”