Clear higher education policy sought

Kathmandu, June 25:

The Nepal Community Higher Secondary Teachers’ Union (NCHISTU) today demanded that the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) come up with clear policy and provide higher secondary schools with permanent affiliation.

Speaking at a press meet here, the teachers said that though it has been 15 years that the higher secondary schools were established in Nepal, they are yet to receive permanent affiliation from the board.

Dilliram Sigdel, president of the NCHSTU said, “The state should allocate teachers quota and appoint them in the higher secondary schools.”

He criticised the higher education board for not coming up with clear vision for the development of higher education.

“This is because of the lack of intellectual persons in the policy-making level of the higher education board,” he said.

Dev Bahadur Adhikary, general secretary of the teachers’ union said, “The educational institutions running classes from grade nine to twelve should be developed as autonomous


“The state has been investing only Rs 343 per student in the higher secondary education which is 0.034 per cent of the current total education budget,” said Adhikary.