Clearance from attempt-to-rape charge paves way for Mahara's re-entry into HoR

KATHMANDU: With his acquittal from the attempt-to-rape charge, former speaker of the House of Representatives, Krishna Bahadur Mahara can now participate in the House meetings as a member of parliament.

Mahara's successor, newly appointed speaker, Agni Prasad Sapkota today apprised the House that Mahara has been officially cleared of all charges. This automatically scraps the suspension he was facing.

Furthermore, Mahara will now receive all the facilities of an HoR member, which had been stopped after he was charged.

Kathmandu District Court is yet to issue a formal letter addressed to the parliament secretariat informing it of Mahara's acquittal, stated the court's information officer, Gyan Bahadur Karki.

The District Court acquitted Mahara on the grounds of insufficient evidence and decided to release him from detention. He was subsequently set free from Dillibazaar central prison on Monday right after the verdict was passed in his favour. A single bench of Justice Ambar Raj Poudel took a decision to this effect.

Mahara had tendered his resignation on October 1 after a parliament secretariat employee accused him of attempting to rape her on September 29 at her rented apartment in Tinkune, Kathmandu.