Climate talks failed, says WWF

KATHMANDU: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) today said that the Copenhagen conference has failed in addressing the expectations of the poor and vulnerable population of the world. However, it said that the the conference was successful in raising awareness about the impact of climate change in Nepal and has increased the profile of the Himalayas in global climate debate.

"The United Nations Conference on Climate Change has failed to address the agendas raised by the poor and vulnerable population of the world," said Anil Manandhar, country representative of WWF Nepal.

"The conference was unsuccessful in addressing some of the key agendas on climate change despite mounting pressure from the top political leaders, serious discussions held by the negotiators, public demonstrations world-wide and wide publicity generated by the media," he said.

Nepal being one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change had a particular interest in the outcomes of the conference, said Manandhar, addressing a press conference here today.

He, however, added that the WWF-lead Climate for Life campaign met with some successes in bringing about awareness in Nepal about the impact of climate change.