CMDP concludes 100-hour sit-in protest

KATHMANDU: Civic Movement for Democracy and Peace (CMDP) today concluded its more than 100 hours of sit-in protest in front of the western gate of the CA building.

The protest-- a part of 'Civic Satyagraha'-- was aimed at exerting pressure on the political parties to forge a consensus for promulgating new constitution within the stipulated time.

The protest had started on March 14 at 10 am.

Hundreds of civil activists had participated in the protest over the period of five days, urging the government and political leaders to meet the May 28 deadline for promulgation of the new constitution.

Dr Devendra Raj Pandey, a CMDP activist demanded the political parties to iron out their differences and allot their time exclusively for writing the new constitution within the given timeframe, ensuring institutional development of the federal democratic system.

Earlier, CMDP had staged a 48-hour protest in front of the CA building on February 25.

Meanwhile, civil society members today organised a rally which went around different parts of the Kathmandu city, demanding the political parties to promulgate new constitution within the given time.