CMDP launches 100-hour sit-in

KATHMANDU: Civic Movement for Democracy and Peace (CMDP) today began its 100 hours plus sit-in in front of the western gate of the Constituent Assembly building. The protest is part of what they call ‘civic satyagraha’, a non-violent form of protest, to exert pressure on those at the helms of affairs to write the constitution within the May 28 deadline as set by the Interim Constitution.

Dr Devendra Raj Pande, leader of CMDP, said the sit-in began at 10 am today. Hundreds of civil activists are expected to join the protest over the period of five days.

Dr Pandey informed that they are on their way to Kathmandu from across different parts of the country to make the protest ‘historical and successful’. Civil rights groups have demanded that the political parties iron out their differences and exclusively allot their time in writing new constitution on time.