Code of conduct for astrologers

Kathmandu, February 9:

The Astrologers’ Council of Nepal (ACN) is drafting a Code of Conduct for the astrologers working throughout the nation.

“We had felt the need of a code of conduct for the working astrologers long ago to control unnecessary practices. Now we have started to work on a draft code,” said Dr Lok Raj Poudel, president of the council.

Poudel said a paper is being prepared with inputs and comments from all organisations concerned. The paper would be presented at a seminar scheduled for March 1, 2006. The seminar would also pass the code with necessary changes.

According to Poudel the code of conduct would focus on controlling negative prediction of ones fate and cause unnecessary psychological effect on the public. He also said foreigners have been extorting Nepali people by claiming to give miraculous solutions for every problems.

The code of conduct would also address these issues besides controlling ‘terror’ in he name of prophecy.

Dr Poudel said there are more than eight organisations of astrologers in Kathmandu alone and some 20 organisations exist throughout the nation.

Former chairman of the Khilanath Bastakoti, Asian Astrologers’ Congress, said the congress has also made efforts to formulate code of conduct because there are problems throughout the Asian countries including Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and even Turkey.

He said efforts to formulate a code could not go ahead because of the conflicts between the organisations and therefore prominent astrologers have come up with a concept of forming a federation.

“We created awareness among the people at different countries including most parts of India,” he said adding there is an urgent need to have a code of conduct to control the frauds and maintain discipline in the society.

He said there are two types of astrologers working throughout the world - one having academic degrees and another practicing traditionally. “Those practicing traditionally are afraid of their counterparts having academic degrees,” he said.

However, Dr Poudel said the code of conduct would incorporate both types of Astrologers. “We would provide training to those who have been practicing without any formal training and those have already been trained would be encouraged for further investigations to utilise their knowledge,” he said.