Collection of temporary teachers’ details starts

Bhaktapur, July 6

The Department of Education has started collecting the details of teachers hired temporarily and those working on lien to begin the process of offering golden handshake or granting them permanent status.

Issuing a notice on July 1, School Teachers Management Section under the DoE had asked all regional education directorates to collect the details, including the name of teachers, date of their appointment and the schools they are working with.

STMS has asked collect the details of all such teachers appointed before January 4, 1993; between January 5, 1993 and August 5, 2004; and between August 6, 2004 and September 19, 2015.

According to the DoE, the details were being sought to find out the exact number of such teachers and to provide them to the Ministry of Education for estimation of budget necessary to pay teachers opting for golden handshake. The details would also help ascertain the number of vacant posts so that the Teachers Service Commission may call for applications from eligible teachers.

The the eighth amendment to the Education Act has paved the way for temporary teachers to compete for permanent status. The amendment has lifted the age bar for once for such teachers to compete for permanent status.

The amended act has also given temporary teachers the option of golden handshake if they are not willing to compete for permanent status. They would be given certain incentives based on their work experience.

Sudarshan Marahattha, spokesperson, Teachers Service Commission, said the DoE had not asked them to announce vacancy for temporary teachers. “Amendment to the Education Regulations needs to clear all confusions before vacancies are announced.”

Marahattha stated that they have already announced vacancy for 611 posts at the secondary level and 1,117 at lower secondary level. These posts had been lying vacant since April 24, 2006.