CIAA asks Rs 3 billion in bail with DG Sharma

KATHMANDU: The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has demanded Rs 3 billion in bail from Director General (DG) of Inland Revenue Department Chudamani Sharma.

The CIAA had on June 2 arrested Sharma  on charges of revenue embezzlement of more than Rs 20 billion when he was the member of the Tax Settlement Commission 2015.

According to the CIAA, the amount in bail was demanded from Sharma if he wishes to be released on general date.

The anti graft body has also asked the bail amount with then chair of the Commission Lumbadhowj Mahat and Umesh Dhakal. However, the duo are at large and the CIAA has announced a reward for people informing the whereabouts of Mahat and Dhakal.

"The bail amount was asked based on the study completed so far. Per head Rs 3 billion was demanded from them as a total of Rs 9 billion is confirmed to have been exempted deliberately," a high level official of the CIAA said.

The CIAA has concluded that over 1,000 documents should be studied in regard to the tax exemption allowed by the then commission.