Community school mgt concept green

Kathmandu, November 16:

The concept of community managed schools will not be sustainable unless communities are economically sound and in a position to take responsibility of managing these, speakers at an interaction here today said.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Education Journalists’ Group, Babu Ram Adhikari, president of Nepal National Teachers’ Union, said capable communities should be identified first.

“It is the responsibility of the government to provide quality education. The government has tried to impose the concept of community management which is driven more by the interest of donors rather than commitment to meet the challenges of the sector,” Adhikari said.

More than 2,256 schools in 60 districts of the country are being managed by communities, and in recent times, numerous such schools in 12 districts have been closed by the Maoists.

Keshav Bhattarai, president of the Nepal Teachers’ Union said the concept of community has not yet matured in Nepal. “For credibility, accountability, feasibility and responsibility the government should consult all stakeholders while formulating policies,” he said, adding that the concept of community management of schools was a lopsided effort by the government.

“Policies should stand on solid foundations, and in our country there is not even a legal definition of the term community,” he said.

Mahashram Sharma, director at the department of education, said the government

had not cared to introduce the concept because it wants to evade supporting schools.

Teachers are being used as commodities and their labour is being exploited, said Mohan Gewali, president of the Nepal Teachers’ Association.