Community schools to use English for instruction

Kathmandu, May 12

Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur district has concluded a performance contract with the principals of 40 community schools to use English as a medium of instruction from kindergarten to Grade III.

Suryabinayak Municipality Mayor Basudev Thapa had earlier pledged to make the municipality the ‘best educational destination' in the country. The schools will also have to start using English as a medium of instruction in one higher grade every year. This way English would be used in all grades within six to eight years.

Thapa said, “The school management has been given authority to hire new and skilled teachers capable of teaching in English. They can also provide training for teachers and fire incompetent teachers.”

Province 3 assembly member Sashi Jung Thapa said, “The municipality will be provided with all kinds of assistance by the provincial government for the purpose.”