Complaints pouring in against LBRC report

Kathmandu, January 10

Expressing dissatisfaction with the report submitted by Local Bodies Restructuring Commission, people from across the country have lodged complaints at the LBRC headquarters, seeking change in the names and boundaries of local bodies.

“We have been receiving at least a dozen complaints seeking revision of names and boundaries of local bodies,” said LBRC member Sunil Ranjan Singh. He said some people had expressed concern about formation of special, protected and autonomous regions.

According to Singh, locals have urged LBRC to keep in mind historical and cultural aspects as well as the aspirations of the people while taking decision on the names and boundaries of special, protected and autonomous regions.

He said most of the complaints received on phone were from Tarai/Madhes. He said people residing in Tarai-Madhes had been lodging complaints after LBRC furnished its report to the government.

The LBRC said it could not alter the names and boundaries of the local bodies and the government would have to form a new commission to make any changes in the report. Singh said the commission would make sure that ethnic clusters are not broken while forming special, protected and autonomous zones.

The LBRC has recommended to the government to create 719 local bodies across the country.

Of the 719 local bodies, 256 (35 per cent) are in 20 districts of Madhes. As per the report, there will be four metropolitan cities, 12 sub-metropolitan cities, 241 municipalities and 462 village councils.