KATHMANDU: The Conflict Victims Common Platform, a network of organisations representing victims of the decade-long armed conflict, on Thursday warned that it would boycott the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons, if they did not took the victims into confidence. Organising a press conference in the Capital on Thursday, CVCP Chairman Suman Adhikarai said, "We will boycott the commissions' decisions taken without consent of the conflict victims." Commenting that the conflict victims were worried about efficiency of the transitional justice mechanisms, Adhikari accused the twin commissions of delaying administrative procedures of complaint registration. Likewise, many victims are hesitant to file the complaints at Local Peace Committees as the panels at some places also include the alleged perpetrators, he said. Adhikari suggested that the commissions visit places outside the headquarters to receive complaints. Otherwise, very few complaints would be registered, he claimed. The CVCP General Secretary Ram Bhandari said it had monitored the complaints registration procedures across the nation for last three weeks.