Congress CDC meeting continues

LALITPUR: The Nepali Congress Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) meeting is set to continue for the sixth day on Tuesday to finalise its draft. It is scheduled to begin at the NC central office in Sanepa, Lalitpur at 2 pm.

According to central committee member Uma Adhikari, the meeting will finalise the draft according to the suggestions that come up for discussion. She added that it will document the issues already passed, membership distribution and number of unit committees in the party.

The proposed constitution of the party has a provision for 85 central members and also vital elected posts from the general convention though the party president can nominate all posts except the 18 central members. It has further proposed 20 percent reservation quota for Dalit, indigenous and females for inclusiveness.

However, a dozen amendment proposals have been registered on the proposed constitution prepared by central member Krishna Prasad Sitaula's team.