Consensus govt must: Prachanda

Kathmandu, April 21:

Maoist chairman Prachanda today said that no political party can run from the previous understanding of the Seven-Party Alliance to form a consensus government after the election to the constituent assembly.

Addressing a felicitation programme jointly organised by High-Level Bagmati Area Sewerage Construction and Management Project Implementation and Follow-up Committee, Friends of the Bagmati and the Nabil Bank in honour of all elected constituent assembly members from the Kathmandu Valley, Prachanda said the alliance leaders had agreed to collectively write a new constitution.

“Constituent Assembly election was not the mission, it was only a means to collectively write a new constitution,” he said, adding that the parties cannot escape their responsibility until the new constitution is made and the peace process comes to a logical conclusion.

Since the people’s mandate did not give majority to any single party, all the parties and civil society must work together to write the new constitution under the leadership of the CPN-Maoist, Prachanda said, adding that Nepalis can set another example for the world if they can make the new constitution on a consensus basis and adjust both the armies amicably.

He also expressed his happiness that the CA election was held despite complications and difficulties.

“A section of Nepali society and international community had expressed doubts that the parliamentary forces and the Maoists would not be able to hold the constituent assembly election because of difference in their ideologies. But we achieved a miracle by holding the polls peacefully,” he said.

He said the polls were held in peaceful manner because the people wanted peace and change.

Poudel agrees with Maoist supremo

Kathmandu: Minister for Peace and Reconstruction and NC vice president Ramchandra Poudel told The Himalayan Times that the new government should be formed on consensus basis.

“There is no majority of a single party so the new government should be formed on consensus basis for which the SPA leaders had reached a general understanding,” he said, adding that the only difference was that the NC was the largest party before the polls and the Maoist emerged as the single largest party after it.

Poudel, who won the CA seat from Tanahun-2, said the parties had already started bilateral and multilateral discussions on the formation of a new government, which might be formed after the final polls results.

He added that the Seven-Party Alliance should also hold meetings with the newly elected parties to bring them into the peace process. — HNS