Construction materials dumped in public places to be seized

Kathmandu, August 31

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has said that the metropolis will initiate action against people dumping construction materials on roads and footpaths.

According to a public notice issued by Municipal Police Division under KMC, anyone who dumps construction materials, including sand, pebbles, iron rods and bricks in public places will face confiscation of his/her property. Such encroachment on roads and pavements has not only hindered hassle-free mobility of pedestrians and smooth traffic movement but has also ruined the beauty of the city.

Haphazard dumping of construction materials in major as well as inner roads is contributing to traffic congestion, road accidents and environmental pollution. Moreover, pedestrians have no option but to walk on the road, putting their lives at risk, the notice warned.

The Municipal Police Bylaw has prescribed 29 different functions, duties and powers of the municipal police. They have been tasked with removing obstruction on footpaths and roads, preventing encroachment of public places, issuing order to demolish structures constructed in contravention of the prescribed standards, catching and auctioning stray cattle, stopping sale and distribution of food items unfit for human consumption, controlling social malpractices and protecting the assets of local levels, among other things.

“The metropolis urges all concerned to remove the construction materials dumped on roads as soon as possible. If any person is found to have dumped construction materials during inspection and monitoring of the city area, such materials will be confiscated and even the onloading and transportation cost will be recovered from the concerned person or builder,” the notice states.

Chief district officer of the concerned district may also impose a fine ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 or award a jail sentence of up to three months or both on an offender under Section 30 of the Solid Waste Management Act, 2011. Existing law does not allow house owners and builders to dump construction material on roads or pavements for more than a few hours, that too without causing obstruction to pedestrians and vehicles. If they fail to remove construction materials within the stipulated time frame, the competent authority will initiate action against the guilty.