Coordination Committee forms task forces to mitigate COVID-19 threat

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the high level coordination committee to control and prevent outbreak of COVID-19 held Saturday has formed various task forces for mitigation of threat from the epidemic.

These task forces headed by different ministries will function under the committee and handle specific tasks allotted keeping in mind the efficient implementation of measures announced by the government to tackle Coronavirus infection.

The meeting has also decided to discuss temporary closedown of movement along Indian border points, with government of India, through diplomatic channels. Nepal is currently seeing a surge in influx of movement at various border crossings, inviting increased danger of the spread of the virus that has lead to loss of close to 12,000 lives.

It has been established that the government will now effectively implement its directives that had been issued in a bid to minimise risk of spread of the epidemic, government spokesperson Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada informed.

The Health Ministry in coordination with the security forces will monitor and impose disciplined quarantine of those suspected to have contracted the virus.

The authorities will henceforth strictly monitor the activities of suspected cases of transmission and impose quarantine and isolation when needed, or provide treatment.

Only today, 62 people who arrived here in the capital via the Tribhuvan International Airport have been placed in quarantine.

Likewise, a Silk Air aircraft carrying Nepali and foreign nationals is currently at the TIA, while authorities are discussing on whether to send the aircraft back or to send the passengers into quarantine.