Cops raid discos, 130 people detained, freed

Kathmandu, August 6:

The Valley Police last night raided five discotheques and detained 130 people, including ten staffers, a police official at the Kathmandu District Police Office said, adding that the detainees

were freed after interrogation this afternoon. “We detained the staffers as they didn’t abide by the Valley Police’s order to close discotheques by 11pm,” Ganesh KC, the Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Kathmandu District Police Office, Hanumandhoka, said, adding: “We detained all the disco buffs to warn them against rooting for unsocial activities on the pretext of enjoying the disco culture.” Coordinated efforts by the Janasewa Ward Police Office, Durbarmarg Ward Police Office and Sorakhutte Ward Police office, the Valley police raided Dynasty and Club 2000 in Durbarmarg, Babylon in Sundhara and Fire Club at Thamel at around 2 am, according to the police official. The staffers of the discotheques were freed after they agreed to close down shutters by 11 pm every day, the police said.

The Valley Police Office, after receiving complaints from the commoners, had directed the owners of all the dance restaurants, bars, and discotheques to close down their shutters by 11pm. “We raided the discotheques just to warn them,” the police official added.