Cops zero in on tinted glasses

KATHMANDU: Citing security reasons, Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, has again started taking action against vehicles with tinted windows.

As part of their drive against tinted windows in vehicles, MTPD took hold of 594 vehicles from the valley this week. Those vehicles had black films on their windows. “We penalised them and kept record of the vehicles,

vehicle owners and drivers before releasing the vehicles, said MTPD spokesperson Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Binod Singh.

“Nepal Police is the only organisation that removed tinted glasses from all its vehicles. The cabinet had passed the decision regarding removal of tinted windows on July 20, 1998. MTPD has again started its drive against tinting for security reasons,” added Singh.

Security personnel have stepped up efforts to provide security and safety to commoners recently. Security has been upped in the wake of increasing threat to media persons and industrialists, claimed Singh.

The DIGP said, “Removal of tinted glasses is a must. Criminals have mostly used such vehicles. No one can see what is behind those windows and criminals escape easily.”

Consider this: One Shiva Pandey (Name changed) said, “I used to have tinted glasses in my jeep. I used to do all naughty stuffs in it with my friends like smoking, drinking, partying etc and nobody knew.”

Pandey added, “The criminals will be in trouble if no tinted windows are allowed in vehicles but youth like us will not like the idea. But as security is important we can compromise and co-operate with traffic police in their drive.”

Nevertheless, Singh maintained that security personnel and bureaucrats are allowed to put tinted glasses on their vehicles. People, under threat can get a permit to put black films on their vehicles, if they want, added Singh.