Kathmandu, July 25:

Communist Party of Nepla-UML has strongly condemned the attack by Israel on Lebanon which has taken the lives of hundred of people, including Nepalis living in Lebanon.

A press release by the Chief of Department of International Relations of the Party, Jhal Nath Khanal, stated “our party, the CPN-UML, strongly condemns all sorts of aggressive acts and we believe those are threats for the legitimate rights of the people.

“We strongly demand that the Israeli army be pulled out of Lebanon and Gaza and a way out be found for a viable and peaceful settlement of the Palestinian issue and end to the bloodshed in the region”.

“This bombing has also violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, an international law that prohibits people’s assassination and destruction of the others territory. Therefore, our party calls upon all the peace and justice loving progressive forces of the world for their solidarity to pressurise the Israeli government for a ceasefire and commence at once to cease attacks and withdraw the Israeli army,” the press release stated.