KATHAMNDU: At a time when crime is wearing intrigued faces due to dramatic shift to widespread use of sophisticated IT appliances, The Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) Hanumandhoka is probing into crime cases with no telephone line functioning for months.

The major crime investigation division in the Valley has been working without telephone lines over the last eight months. Even without such a basic amenity in place the division has been solving several criminal cases. Interestingly the number used to receive complaints from the public—4261707 is also dead.

Officers at the MPCD claimed that 50 per cent of the investigation works are conducted via telephones. "With no basic facilities in place, the higher-ups still want us to carry out investigations speedily," said police inspector Krishna Prasad Koirala.

Of the total seven telephone lines, only the one in the office of the MPCD chief SSP Birendra Babu Shrestha functions, said Koirala adding that too was somehow connected just a few weeks ago.

One junior officer at the division rued that they had no other option than frequently using their own cell phones, for which no compensation was ever made.

Inspector Koirala informed that the annual budget allocation of Rs 100,000 is too little to cover the telephone expenses of the office. “The gross reality is, the budget does not even suffice for three months. As a result, the office has burden of Rs 100,000 due to the Nepal Telecom,” he explained.