Crime rate falls steeply in eastern Tarai hills

KATHMANDU: The overall crime rate in the Tarai and the hilly districts of the Eastern and Mid-Western regions has dropped considerably in the recent times.

According to a report of the Nepal Police Headquarters, the terror unleashed by various armed groups in the two regions and the Tarai districts has been gradually subsiding, thanks to the effective implementation of the Special Security Plan.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ramesh Chand Thakuri, however, said that there was still a security threat due to the mushrooming armed groups in the districts although the situation is under control now. “We must not underestimate these mushrooming armed groups. The residents living in these regions are in dire need of a help from the government, police and other law enforcing authorities for their security,” said the IGP.

According to IGP Thakuri, easy access to arms and growing militant groups in the Tarai, as well as in the two regions — Eastern and Mid-Western — were posing challenge to for the police attempt to maintain law and order situation.

“The Special Security Plan was introduced after ample groundwork for containing the crimes and the terror created by the armed groups,” he said, adding that the plan had to be implemented as the growing trend of weapons being smuggled in the country was posing a serious threat to the ongoing peace process as well.

According to the IGP, insufficient manpower and weapons was creating problem in their attempt to curbing the crimes in the country. “Among others, these highly troubled areas require a serious security mechanism to discourage the growing militancy and contain the crime altogether.” According to the headquarters, although the Cabinet approved the plan, necessary budget is yet to be sanctioned.

Challenges remain

• Political instability

• Opposition groups with communal, regional and religious background

• Militant cadres of

various groups, parties

• Refugee problem