Criminal gangs thriving in capital

KATHMANDU: Professional criminal gangs are burgeoning in the capital with reports of about 100 of them currently in operation here.

Political parties, their sister organisations and security bodies are learnt to have been harbouring them, a yet-to-be published report submitted by Security Body Modernisation and Restructuring Working Committee to the government reveals.

According to the report, a group of police personnel is also involved in criminal activities. Plainclothes security personnel, who claim to be on patrol, commit the crime.

The criminal groups are involved in abduction, murder, sexual exploitation, smuggling of sand, red sandalwood, drugs and liquors, including the trafficking of women and children. They use weapons while abducting and taking ransom.

Former Deputy Inspector General of Police Dr Chuda Bahadur Shrestha said the number of criminal groups had increased of late due to the growing unemployment in the capital. Shrestha added such incidents were thriving in political protection and bribery.

The report stated that Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League and UML-affiliated Youth Force cadres were also involved in such criminal activists.

The report maintains that weapon inspection was losing effectivity while the illegal trade of weapons was expanding. Exerting political pressure to free criminals is also on the rise.

The SBMRWC has suggested that the home ministry immediately set up a security mechanism as well as form a separate special court to forward the cases and check the malpractices in the valley.