Current protests not communal, clarifies Yadav

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal (FSP-N) Upendra Yadav said some forces are plotting to give a communal colour to protests being organised for rights of people as the nation is demarcating Pradeshes in the federal set-up.

Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters’ Club in the Capital on Saturday, Yadav claimed the protests held across the nations are fights against inequality and any other step that would deprive people of their rights, identity and inclusion.

“This is not a fight against some particular community,” the Madhesi leader said, “I resent conspiracies that make it a communal issue.”

Meanwhile, Yadav criticised the six-Pradesh demarcation arguing that it was against principles of identity and capabilities.

For example, the second Pradesh including districts from Parsa to Saptari lacks economic capabilities, he added.

“Paddy will not grow if it does not rain,” Yadav explained, “And, the money collected at the Janaki Temple does not run the Pradesh.”

He warned that Madhesi parties would bring a 'disaster' in the nation if the new constitution was not brought in line of the Interim Constitution.

The Madhes-centric parties, however, will accept the constitution if it endorses past agreements as well as the Interim Constitution, he clarified.