CWIN condemns Gupta’s murder

Kathmandu, October 16:

The Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centres (CWIN) today condemned the brutal killing of Rohit Gupta, 11, after his kidnapping last Thursday.

Gupta was found in a decomposed state inside a sack near Kamaladi four days after his abduction. This is the second case of killing of a minor after abduction within a week. On Monday last week, Dhiraj Adhikari, 8, of Lalitpur was found dead four days after being abducted.

The CWIN’s release said: “The abduction carried out in the city has raised questions about the guarantee of child rights and the state’s security.” The CWIN demanded that the culprits be booked as soon as possible.“We demand severe punishment for those involved in abduction and murder of Gupta and end the state of impunity.”According to the CWIN, six children were abducted within a week from different parts of the Valley.