Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 9:

Cyclist Pushkar Shah, who set out for a world tour on a bicycle on November 29,1998 to spread the message of world peace, arrived Kathmandu today.

Shah has travelled 70 countries in the six years and came to Nepal from Liberia for a two-month break. He said, “Though I meet fellow cyclists who have set out for a long journies, I have not met anyone who has tried to do anything like what I am determined to do. My determination and dedication to speard the message the world peace has amazed a lot of people.”

Though he denied that his journey was delayed due to rejection of visa by some countries, he said that he had to face problems many times because of the bad name Nepali passports had earned.

“I learnt cycle repairing and riding, map reading and studied world history and geography for two years,” said the 36-year-old cyclist who wants to climb the Mt Everest in 2010 and put up the flags of different countries he has collected from all over the world, after completing his world tour. “I would also like to work for educating orphan children in Dolkha and also engage myself in other social activities,” he added.

He is flying to Liberia on March 17 from where he would continue his journey to Ivory Coast.