DAGs’ appointment process ‘ignores inclusiveness’

Kathmandu, May 18:

A senior government attorney today criticised appointment of four deputy attorney generals, saying the decision was against the spirit of inclusiveness.

Attorney General Yagya Murti Banjade had appointed four senior government attorneys as acting deputy attorney generals on Friday.

Raj Narayan Pathak, joint government attorney, expressed his dissatisfaction against the appointment. “This is against the policy of spirit of inclusiveness and quota system, which was recently adopted by the country’s law,” Pathak told journalists.

“This reflects that the state is still not ready to respect the aspirations of the Madhesi community,” Pathak, who represents the Madhesi community, blamed. “This question should be raised in the Constituent Assembly,” he said adding: “This is no justice.”

Attorney General Banjade, however, defended his decision stating that the four were appointed on seniority basis.

“They are seniors and I cannot disregard them,” he said. He said he had even forwarded a proposal to the Judicial Service Commission headed by the Chief Justice to upgrade them as Attorney Generals.

“I could not take other decision because that could jeopardise justice delivery system and the lawyers’ service,” Banjade added.

Banjade appointed senior government attorneys Pushpa Raj Koirala, Tika Bahadur Hamal, Kumar Chundal and Surya Prasad Koirala as deputy attorney generals after Drona Raj Regmi, Krishna Prasad Prasain, Narendra Prasad Pathak and Chet Nath Ghimire retired on Friday after serving for five years as special class government officials.