Dalits having hard time renting houses

Kathmandu, September 23:

Dalits living in Kathmandu have long been facing the problem of renting a decent house. With the government’s fiat to the house owners and tenants to submit their personal details to the police, the problem has only exacerbated, said the participants of a programme organised today by Jagaran Media Centre (JMC), a non-government organisation working for the uplift of dalits. The dalits expressed their sadness at having to lie about their true identity to get a house on rent as the tenants prefer not to rent their houses to dalits, they said. The dalits have come out following the government fiat as they can no longer hide their identity with the strict identity requirements that require the tenants to furnish their real identities to the police.

Khin Maya Rasaili, a dalit, who had been sharing a room with her classmate, was humiliated and thrown out of the room when her friend found out she was a dalit, Rasaili said at the programme. Another student staying at Bagbazaar said his house owner threw him out the day he submitted his citizenship certificate to him. Most of the participants shared similar stories of shame and humiliation following the government decision.