DAO warns against unruly behaviour during Holi

Kathmandu, March 19

With Holi festival just around the corner‚ the Kathmandu District Administration Office has warned that anyone caught misbehaving with strangers on the pretext of the festival will be detained and charged under Crime and Punishment Act, 1970.

The offenders may face a fine of up to Rs 10‚000 or 35 days detention or both as per the existing law, which strictly forbids misconduct with the intention of harassing or causing trouble to another person. Police may arrest the person without warrant if s/he is caught in the act.

A press statement issued by the DAO appealed to all to celebrate Holi in a decent and peaceful manner. “The law prohibits hurling of water-filled balloons and smearing colours on the faces of other people against their will. Therefore, the local administration will take action against such offenders,” it read.

Meanwhile, police warned that they will take legal action against those who are caught harassing people and randomly throwing water-filled balloons at them. The local administration warned all not to harass persons who do not wish to be part of the celebration.

Police said special measures would be taken to crack down on troublemakers. According to an official, police in civvies will fan out across the capital to keep tight vigil at marketplaces and busy thoroughfares. Lalitpur and Bhaktapur DAOs have also issued similar warnings.