‘Deal signed with GODAN not acceptable’

Kathmandu, January 15

Non-government Doctors’ Association Nepal has expressed its disagreement with the deal signed between Government Doctors’ Association Nepal and the Ministry of Health and Population yesterday.

GODAN had signed an eight-point agreement with the Ministry of Health and Population. However, Non-government Doctors’ Association Nepal has expressed its dissatisfaction with the fourth and the sixth point of the agreement.

The fourth point of the agreement states that Academy of Health Sciences will be managed by introducing an umbrella act and hospitals run under this academy will be brought under the Ministry of Health and Population, and the director of the academy will be appointed from among health professionals working in government-run institutions.

Similarly, in the sixth point, it is mentioned that the provision to appoint health workers  of 11th level through open competition would be scrapped.

General Secretary of NDAN Dr Ritesh Thapa said government doctors signed the deal to impose their syndicate in the health sector. “We welcome the agreement signed between the government and GODAN, but these two points of the agreement are not acceptable to us. An eligible doctor who meets the criteria can be the director of the academy. There should not be any barrier for the non-government doctors to become the director of the academy,” he said.

He also added that there should be provision for open competition for the 11th level so that doctors from private sector also get a fair opportunity.

“There are 20 per cent government doctors and 80 per cent doctors working in non-government institutions throughout the country. The government should also think about health professionals working in the private sector,” said Dr Thapa.

“For now, we are planning to submit a two-point memorandum to Minister of Health and Population Upendra Yadav. If the agreement is implemented then we will be forced to launch protests,” shared Dr Thapa.