Dealers call PM to end shortage of cooking gas

Kathmandu, August 30:

Gas dealers today called on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to take initiatives to ensure a smooth supply of cooking gas.

Representatives of the Gas Dealers Association of Nepal (GDAN) handed over a memorandum to the PM, asking the latter to facilitate the import of cooking gas as per the demand. The gas dealers also asked the government to defer the privatisation of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC). Pointing out that the country had been reeling from the shortage of cooking gas for two years, they asked the PM to take initiatives to save their business from going astray. They said their business was being affected due to a perennial shortage of gas.

They demanded the government to waive taxes on petroleum products, saying that it would ensure smooth supply. of fuel.

Gyaneshwar Aryal, general secretary of the GDAN, said the situation would worsen if the NOC were privatised. He said privatisation of the state-run oil monopoly was not in the best interest of consumers, as it would institutionalise cartelling.

According to Aryal, the PM has promised to raise the issue of NOC privatisation in the cabinet. “The PM said the government was against privatisation of the NOC,” Aryal said.

The average per month demand of cooking gas is 8,000 metric tonne, but

in July a meagre 4,450 MT of gas was imported. Dashain and Tihar are round the corner, but the NOC has not bothered to increase the quantum of import, the GDAN said.