Delay in appointment affects TU constituent colleges

Kathmandu, June 7:

Delay in appointment in the higher posts of the TU has hampered financial and other important activities of its constituent campuses.

Madan Shakya, chief of the Amrit Science College said the college was facing financial crisis because the TU central office did not provide financial aid to the college last year.

Devi Adhikary, chief, Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, said, “We have not been able to take any important decision in absence of the campus management committee, which should have been formed by the TU central office.”

“We didn’t receive the budget chart for the last fiscal year and this hampered launch of any infrastructure development work,” said Sunil Kumar Poudyal, chief, Ratna Rajya Campus.

TU Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Madhav Prasad Sharma, said, “The appointment of the rector and registrar is done on the recommendation of the VC and the recommendation is being delayed due to the exercise to make it more inclusive.”