DoI facing problems monitoring foreigners’ activities

Kathmandu: The Department of Immigration has been facing difficulties in effectively monitoring activities of foreigners visiting Nepal due to the delay in the endorsement of Foreign Nationals Monitoring Directives.

The draft directives have been stuck at the Ministry of Home Affairs for the past three months.

The department had drafted the directives amid complaints about foreigners misusing their visas.

“We are awaiting endorsement of the directives by the ministry,” MoI Director Raju Prasad Poudel told The Himalayan Times. “Implementation of the directives will help us effectively monitor activities of foreigners and control any possible visa misuse.”

The directives have proposed forming a monitoring mechanism in each of the 77 districts under the coordination of the chief district officer. The mechanism will also have assistant CDO and district police chief as members.

According to the DoI, they have received complaints about foreigners misusing their visa and indulging in activities other than what they have been permitted.

“There are also complaints about foreigners illegally overstaying in the country,” Poudel said.

Foreigners visit Nepal under various visa categories such as business, diplomatic, official, tourist, marriage, transit, relationship, residential, study, press, work and non-resident Nepali.

According to DoI, there are currently 16 cases against foreigners sub judice in courts, while 43 foreigners were deported this year for violating laws.

Three years ago, 54 North Korean citizens visiting Nepal under tourist visa were found to be working for Melamchi Drinking Water Project. They were immediately deported.

Similarly, police have time and again found foreigners’ involvement in ATM robbery, sale of contraband, promotion of religion and conversion, and voice-over-internet-protocol racket.

Officials at home ministry said they were studying the draft directives.