'Deviated' Maoists making efforts for correction: Dahal

KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Monday said his party is making efforts to get over and get back to the revolutionary path though it got stuck in a bog (of parliamentary system and luxuries) after joining the mainstream politics.

Responding to the widespread criticism by those who took part in the decade-long revolution that the Maoist leadership deviated from the revolutionary path, the Maoist chairman argued that the recent unity among the different Maoist parties and groups was a step towards correction.

He was speaking at the launch of book 'Coma maa Chorus - Rolpa dekhi Simhadarbar samma', authored by Maoist leader Lekhanath Neupane.

On the occasion, he drew his and the Maoist party’s parallel with a commander and troops who were in a battle.  “The  commander chose another path to save the troops while leading them in a battle after seeing an ambush in the first path.  But they got stuck in a bog on the way, and while trying to stand and get out they got trapped in it further.”

In his book, Neupane has criticised the Maoist leadership for the luxurious lifestyle and deviation from the revolutionary path after they decided to join the multiparty politics in 2006.

Dahal defended the decision to give up arms and join the competitive parliamentary system, saying it was required to save the party from getting crushed that time.