Diabetes afflicts 25 pc valley adults

Kathmandu, November 12:

Twenty-five per cent of valley people above 20 years of age are suffering from diabetes, a study has revealed. Unhealthy eating habit and lack of exercise have caused the diabetes to soar among the youths, the research conducted by the Nepal Diabetes Association (NDA) said.

Valley women put on, on an average, 16 kg of weight during pregnancy. And, it is very difficult to shed that surplus weight.

Stressing the need to generate awareness on diabetes, Dr Dhruba Lal Singh, the NDA president, warned the country would otherwise face an epidemic of sorts.

“The patients must take precautions and consult doctors to save themselves from accidents that result due to diabetes,” said Dr Singh at a seminar on Diabetes Management, which was held in the capital today. The World Diabetes Day will be marked on Monday (November 14) with the theme ‘Diabetes and Foot Care’.

Dr Tri Ratna Man Tuladhar, chairman, organising committee, said patients can take care of diabetes by taking measures such as quitting smoking, undergoing health check-ups.

Sore foot and diabetes:

• Every 30 seconds, a foot is amputated due to diabetes

• In 70 per cent of cases, foot amputation is done due to diabetes

• Five per cent of diabetic patients in developed countries suffer from foot infection

• Most of diabetic patients are hospitalised due to foot problem

• One out of six diabetic patients suffers from foot ulcer

• Foot amputation is caused mostly due to foot ulcer

• In 85 per cent of cases, amputation can be averted by undergoing treatment in time

• Foot amputation costs between $30,000 and 60,000