Diesel vehicles major polluters, shows study

Kathmandu, January 10

A study conducted by traffic police in coordination with the Ministry of Population and Environment and Department of Transport Management has shown that diesel engines cause more pollution than vehicles with petrol engine.

According to Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Kathmandu, a total of 1,895 vehicles were inspected in Jamal, Bhadrakali, airport area, Singha Durbar, Maharjgunj and Durbar Marg recently. Of them, 1,177 vehicles failed the emission test.

“Vehicular emissions are the major contributors to air pollution. Increase in pollution levels in the Valley has posed a grave threat to public health,” said Superintendent of Police Dambar BK.

BK said traffic police personnel were also facing serious health complications due to increased air pollution levels. “We have requested the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to find ways to reduce air pollution,” he added.

Department of Transport Management has been testing vehicles for emission levels in coordination with the traffic police. “We have so far inspected four-wheelers only. We are also planning to make emission test compulsory for two-wheelers,” said BK.