Differently-abled deprived of access to information

Lalitpur, February 23

Despite the world witnessing rapid growth in the development of information technology, those living with disabilities, particularly in Nepal, are out of touch with the modern technology.

Participants with disabilities at a workshop entitled 'Information technology for ending violence against women' organised by the Media House with support from Nepal Telecommunications Authority in Lalitpur today, said they were deprived of access to information technology.

Speaking at the workshop, Nepal Disabled Women Association chairperson Nirmala Dhital said differently-abled women were made victims of violence as they lacked access to information technology.

Also on the occasion, NTA director Ananda Raj Khanal said mobile companies import of mobile phones without consulting the NTA had made matters worse.

A 10-point declaration was also issued at the workshop.

The declaration includes a pledge to provide women with disabilities access to information technology.