Disabled women cry for special rights

KATHMANDU: Women with disabilities today demanded that the government ensure their rights in the new constitution on par with other citizen. They demanded special rights and privileges through their Teej songs.

Birendra Raj Pokhrel, president of the National Federation of Disabled Nepal (NFDN) said that disable women were bearing the brunt of the current situation in the country.

He claimed that more than 80 per cent of disable women were living below poverty line and said that these women were socially, politically and economically backward. He charged the women's right activists of giving a deaf ear to their suffering.

They claimed that they were being discriminated and denied rights enjoyed by other abled women.

Addressing a Teej song competition, Pokhrel urged the government to show seriousness to their concern. He demanded the government to guarantee a special right to the disabled women in the new statute. Ram Pyari Karki, coordinator of Women committee at NFDN said the cases of domestic violence were rising even as the government enacted law on domestic violence. She urged the disabled women be given separate quota.