Kathmandu, November 10:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has expressed its concern and unhappiness over the division among Bhutanese refugees over the issue of a third country resettlement.

“This (division among the refugees) is not what we want,” UNHCR representative in Nepal, Abraham Abraham, said today, while expressing concern over intimidation, which he said “might take place” in the camps. “We have equal fear of the refugees being misinformed about the third country resettlement,” Abraham said at the Reporters’ Club, while clearing the UNHCR’s stance saying, “UNHCR is not here to push anyone for the third country resettlement or repatriation or integration.”

He said the issue of third country resettlement should be a voluntary decision and well-informed choice of the Bhutanese refugees.

“I am unhappy that this issue is creating a division among them (refugees),” he said. He said the present state was an issue of concern and dismissed the claims that the UN body was biased on the refugee crisis.

Abraham claimed that there are refugees who are interested in third country resettlement, but said repatriation was the best solution.