BHAKTAPUR, July 12 The Department of Education has directed district education offices (DEOs) across the country to ask schools in their districts to display photos of schools and its infrastructure damaged by the devastating earthquake of April 25 and its frequent aftershocks. Khagendra Nepal, spokesperson, Department of Education, said that they have asked the schools to take pictures of schools which were damaged fully or partially to demonstrate the status of their infrastructure after the quake. He said, “If it is possible to manage photos of schools before the quake showing undamaged structures, it would be appreciable.” He added, “The public could determine the difference between what the schools were like and what they are like after the quake by comparing the photos.” “The photos demonstrating status of schools before and after the quake should be hung in school principal’s room,” he added. He informed that the main objective behind hanging the photos was to make the public aware about earthquake and safety measures in the future.