Distribute third tranche of social security allowance by end of fiscal, local levels told

Kathmandu, July 13

Some local levels have solicited shortfall amount for distribution of social security allowance without updating the details of beneficiaries.

According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Rs 39.74 billion was sanctioned for the current fiscal and a balance of Rs 1.85 billion was still available in the district treasury controller offices. The Ministry of Finance had disbursed the budget to the concerned DTCOs on the basis of details of the beneficiaries provided by the Department of Civil Registration.

According to Section 14(9) and Section 15 of the Social Security Programme Operation Procedure, local levels shall solicit the shortfall amount by the end of Chaitra and settle the third instalment of social security allowance by Ashadh 25. “Contrary to the provisions, some local levels have demanded the shortfall amount at this time without updating the details of the beneficiaries when the required amount has already been released through the concerned DTCOs,” the statement read.

The MoFAGA has urged the local levels to receive the released amount and distribute the third or last instalment of the allowance by the end of Ashadh before new fiscal begins. They have also been told to refund the unspent amount to the account of the government. The outstanding allowance amount in one fiscal may not be settled in the next fiscal.

Elderly citizens above 70 years, Dalits and locals of Karnali zone who are above 60 years of age and children of the same region who are below five years will be entitled to the allowance. Similarly, the allowance would be provided to single women/widows, people from endangered indigenous nationalities and the disabled.

Senior citizens are provided with Rs 2,000 per month and rest of the others, except disabled, Dalits and children, enjoy Rs 1,000 per month. Disabled holding red ID cards under the complete disabled category and people of endangered indigenous nationalities/ethnicity get Rs 2,000.