Docs in short supply in Bhaktapur hospital

Bhaktapur, June 10:

Insufficient number of doctors in the Bhaktapur Hospital has hit hard the emergency, anaesthesia and surgical departments of the hospital.

There are only three doctors in the emergency department. The anaesthesia and

surgical departments are without doctors.

Dr Naresh Man Shrestha, a medical officer at the emergency ward, says, “We are not being able to provide prompt treatment to patients who come to this emergency department due to lack of time.” “Up to 40 people suffering from seasonal diseases have been visiting the hospital each day. Patients have to wait for their turn as we cannot treat them early due to shortage of doctors .”

Only three doctors have been attending the hospital regularly. One appointed doctor often remains absent, while two doctors are on study leave. The government has yet to appoint two doctors. According to Dr Shrestha, “The Ministry of Health is not working seriously to solve the problems of the hospital.” “Delay in appointment of doctors in the emergency department shows the irresponsibility of the ministry.”

“Sometimes, relatives of patients threaten us for not giving enough time to patients,” he says. The hospital has not been able to perform surgeries due to the lack of a surgeon and an anaesthetist. Says Buddhi Pant, administrative chief, Bhaktapur Hospital, “We have been requesting the ministry and the health department to fill vacant posts.” The ministry has informed that a homework is on to appoint the doctors.”