Docs seek clear rules on HA’s entry into MBBS

Kathmandu, September 17 :

Teachers of the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) today said the government’s recent decision of allowing Health Assistants (HA) to pursue the MBBS course would create a problem if proper and equally applicable rules are not made in this regard.

The teachers said the government decision to allow HAs to pursue MBBS course is, at present, likely to affect only the TUTH but this should not be the case. If the new rule is to be applied, this must be made equally applicable to all private medical colleges as well.

“If proper rules regarding the present decision are not made, this might put the hospital’s international reputation at stake,” said Dr Karbir Nath Yogi, the secretary of Tribhuvan University Teachers’ Association (TUTA), TUTH unit.

The government decision of giving a chance to health assistants for MBBS course is indeed a right thing but the consequences would be grave if it is imposed forcefully in TUTH and other medical colleges, said Dr Yogi during annual conference of TUTH, Institute of Medicine (IoM). Dr Devendra Raj Pandey, civil society leader addressing the same function said that both the Maoists and seven party alliance are not working towards fulfilling the prior commitment of bringing peace in the country.

There is a constant need to pressurise both the Maoists and seven party alliance to make them stick to the eight point agenda and move ahead for the peace process rather than cribbing about the minor things.

“Hence the civil society has to keep tab on them so that they keep their promises and do not

stray from the prior commitment of bringing peace in the country,” said Dr Pandey.

The doctors and the civil society should make the state answerable for the misuse of fund which was basically for the education and health sector, he said.

Dr Bidur Dhakal, Free Students Union (FSU) chairman, TUTH said that the TUTH is planning to introduce Students’ Health Policy from next year.