Doctors discuss new structure for healthcare services

Provincial government should look after tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare facilities

Kathmandu, December 30

National Doctor’s Association today organised a programme to discuss issues and challenges related to healthcare sector in the federal set-up.

As Nepal has adopted federal system of governance, there is a need to bring about structural changes in the health care system.

Speakers at the event shed light on issues ranging from structural arrangement of the healthcare service and health service providers in the country to the roles and responsibilities of various health agencies. The main focus of the event was on modality and challenges facing of the health sector.

Mahendra Shrestha, a public health expert, said there should be a provision of health care centres at all levels of the government — local, provincial and central. He informed that the academic and super specialty hospitals should be under the guidance of Ministry of Health. “Provincial government should look after tertiary, secondary and primary hospitals. There should be a provision of primary hospitals and health posts in the local levels,” said Shrestha.

Speakers participating in the event also talked about the health care provision and health care financing. They also talked about social health insurance and ways to reduce pocket expenditure.

“Human resource, equipment, laboratory, physical infrastructures, examination system and researches and upgrading of services are the first priority for quality medical education in the country,” said Dr Ganesh Gurung, vice-chancellor, National Academy of Medical Sciences during the event.