Doctor’s health deteriorates

Kathmandu, August 14

As Dr Govinda KC’s fast-unto death reaches its 21st day, his health has been steadily deteriorating.

He has been complaining of chest discomfort associated with increase in heart rate and failing oxygen saturation. He also complained of frequent muscle cramps, continuous light-headedness and abdominal discomfort and general weakness of increasing severity. His blood pressure and oxygen saturation are in lower range requiring continuous oxygen supplementation. His blood sugar and electrolytes are persistently below normal range. His total WBC count is persistently low. In view of the above conditions, he is more prone to have organ and life threatening infections as well as sudden cardiac events and may need emergency medical interventions at any point of time.

“Today he complained of more chest pain. He started talking unconsciously too. His health is deteriorating. A ventilator has been readied in a nearby room in view of his health condition,” informed Dr Abhishek Raj Singh, one of the representatives of Dr KC’s talks team.