Documentation of Bhaktapur quake survivors' details suspended

BHAKTAPUR: Monitoring and documentation of situations of the 2015 earthquake survivors has been suspended in Bhaktapur Municipality.

The data collection process in the Municipality has been halted stating that the data collected earlier were erroneous and lacked details of all earthquake survivors, informed Director of the Bhaktapur Details Collection Management Officer, Dharma Ratna Bajracharya.

However, data collection in Nagarkot, Changunarayan, Anantalingeshor, Suryabinayak and Madhyapur Thimi municipalities in the district are ongoing without any disturbances.

The Municipality issued a notice stating that the information collected was wrong and thus it halted the process for the time being.

Bajracharya added that if the Municipality did not submit the corrected name list, it would affect the data recollection process.

As many as 121 engineers and supervisors from the Department of Statistics, 121 social mobilisers and 12 senior engineers were deployed in Bhaktapur for the documentation purpose, Bajracharya said.